#1 Thigh Master™
Ab, wheel roller
  • Tone your thighs

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Comfortable anti slip grip

  • High resistance spring

"Where has this thing been my entire life?"

Ab wheel, best ab roller

Say Hello to a new and sexier you! Do you know that getting into shape is not much difficult as it might think to you, thanks to our ThighMaster™ which had helped thousands of people to transform and get a sexier butt.

Get Sleek & Sexier thighs at home with our Thigh Master

Multifunctional :

Ab roller

Chest Exercise

Wheel ab roller

Arm Exercise

Ab wheel

Leg Exercise

Ab Master™

  • Unibody Design
  • Anti Slip EVA Padding

  • Stainless Steel Spring

Other brands

  • Non Unibody Design

  • Normal Foam Padding
  • Normal Spring


Ab Master™ (3Pc)

Thigh Master™ (3-Pcs)
  • Free shipping

  • Cancel anytime

  • Delivered within 15 days

Ab Master™ (2Pc)

Thigh Master™ (2-Pcs)
  • Free shipping

  • Cancel anytime

  • Delivered within 15 days


Where do your products come from?

We only source merchandise from socially responsible businesses with ethical manufacturing practices. 

Our branded products are manufactured in the United States, India and Japan.

Do this product has any warranty?

Yes, this product comes with 30 days of satisfaction warranty.

Will my order get to me without any issues?

We use USPS (United States Postal Service), FedEx and DHL for deliveries inside the United States and abroad. All of our shipments leave the United States and will likely spend time in the customs for the country where the shipment arrives. 

Can we do multiple exercises with it?

Yes, you can do multiple exercises with ThighMaster™ like Chest muscle exercise, Arm muscle exercise and Leg & Thigh muscle exercise.

What about shipping and delivery?

Our fulfillment partner fulfills orders within 15-20 day (Mon-Fri), a timeline which does not include Weekends or Holidays. Please remember that the delivery of your order is the responsibility of the shipping carrier (USPS, Fedex, DHL). 

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