Glowing phone case
Glowing phone case
Glowing phone case

Glowing phone case

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Want to make your phone unique and coolest?ūüėé

Try our new best selling MARVEL and DC glowing phone case.

glowing temperd glass case at 50% off + free and fast shipping within 7-15 business days

This phone case glows in dark 

This phone case is made with quality materials 

like temperd glass at back.


  • Type¬†:¬†¬†Medium coverage case
  • Retail Package¬†:¬†¬†Yes
  • Design¬†:¬†¬†Tempered Glass
  • Design¬†:¬†¬†Bright
  • Design¬†:¬†¬†Patterned
  • Design¬†:¬†¬†Transparent
  • Design¬†:¬†¬†Exotic
  • Design¬†:¬†¬†Sports
  • Design¬†:¬†¬†Abstract
  • Compatible Brand¬†:¬†¬†Apple iPhone Phones
  • Compatible iPhone Model¬†:¬†¬†IPhone XR
  • Compatible iPhone Model¬†:¬†¬†iPhone 6 Plus
  • Compatible iPhone Model¬†:¬†¬†IPhone 6
  • Compatible iPhone Model¬†:¬†¬†IPhone XS
  • Compatible iPhone Model¬†:¬†¬†iPhone 6s
  • Compatible iPhone Model¬†:¬†¬†Iphone 7
  • Compatible iPhone Model¬†:¬†¬†IPhone XS MAX
  • Compatible iPhone Model¬†:¬†¬†iPhone 7 Plus
  • Compatible iPhone Model¬†:¬†¬†iPhone X
  • Compatible iPhone Model¬†:¬†¬†IPhone 8
  • Compatible iPhone Model¬†:¬†¬†iPhone 6s Plus
  • Compatible iPhone Model¬†:¬†¬†iPhone 8 Plus
  • Features¬†:¬†¬†Fashion Anime Marvels Captain DC Comics Superhero Protective Coque
  • Function¬†:¬†¬†Dirt resistant
  • Function¬†:¬†¬†High strength protection
  • Function¬†:¬†¬†Anti-knock
  • Colors¬†:¬†¬†Venom iron Man Captain America Superman
  • Phone Model 1¬†:¬†¬†For iPhone 6 iPhone 6s Case Cover
  • Phone Model 2¬†:¬†¬†For iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6s Plus Case Cover
  • Phone Model 3¬†:¬†¬†For iPhone 7 iPhone 8 Case Cover
  • Phone Model 4¬†:¬†¬†For iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 8 Plus Case Cover
  • Phone Model 5¬†:¬†¬†For iPhone X iPhone XR Case Cover
  • Phone Model 6¬†:¬†¬†For iPhone XS iPhone XS MAX Case Cover
  • ¬†